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Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a translation technique used in many fields such as business negotiations, official meetings, corporate visits, factory trainings, hospital inspections and ministry meetings.
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English-Turkish Consecutive Interpreting: A Reliable Bridge to Professional Communication

Welcome to our professional English-Turkish consecutive interpreting services!

With the increase in global connections, the method of consecutive interpretation has gained great importance in the business world and various other sectors. We offer Turkish consecutive interpreting services in all provinces of Turkey, primarily in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Konya, and Eskişehir and all provinces of Türkiye. We also operate globally with our consecutive interpretation services abroad. Consecutive interpretation is a translation technique used in many areas such as business meetings, official meetings, institution visits, factory training, hospital audits, and ministry meetings.

The prices for consecutive interpretation vary according to the experience of the interpreter, the subject of the translation, and the duration of the translation. You can check our current consecutive interpreting prices on our website. We will address how you can achieve flawless communication between your speakers and participants who speak different languages through the consecutive interpretation service provided by Sözen Translation, who are experienced consecutive interpreters in this field. 


  1. Learning the Needs of Consecutive Interpreting for Meeting/Conference
  2. Designation of Consecutive Interpreters
  3. Selecting Appropriate Equipment for the Meeting/Conference
  4. Providing Two Interpreters per pair of language and Relevant Equipments
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Our team, who have specialized in consecutive interpretation provides uninterrupted service in the business world. Their expertise in consecutive interpretation services has made them a reliable name in the industry. We aim to provide the best service to their customers in all translation services, including consecutive translation services in English-Turkish, Arabic-Turkish, Russian-Turkish, French-Turkish, Spanish-Turkish, Italian-Turkish, Ukrainian-Turkish, and other cross-language combinations.

We fully understand the importance of global activity and strengthening your business relationships, provides uninterrupted and professional services to our valued customers with our consecutive interpreter and translator services. Our competence in overcoming communication boundaries and our ability to create an effective communication environment in the business world are realized with the consecutive interpretation services of Sözen Translation. With the precise use of words and the correct translation of meanings, we stand by you with our services that enable you to establish successful communication in the business world. If you need professional support and wish to learn Turkish consecutive interpreting prices, contact us immediately and get free consultancy service.

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