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How a Professional Interpreter Can Help Your Business Grow at International Trade Fairs

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The big day for your business is approaching: it’s time to grow, make connections, and secure new deals. Everything must be meticulously planned: preparing the booth, arranging the products, and assigning staff to the stand.

And you’re wondering whether you need an interpreter. “My English isn’t bad, and one of my employees speaks French. They lived in France, so there’s no need to hire an interpreter and incur extra costs,” you think.

But here’s what happens…

The day of the fair arrives. A few VIP attendees visit your booth. One of them is from Germany. Neither you nor your colleague speaks German. However, the visitor seems quite interested in your product. You try to explain everything in English; your English is good, perhaps very good. But still, your visitor can’t understand most of your presentation and looks at you with a confused expression. Because THEIR English is poor.

“No problem, we’ll manage to get our point across and keep their attention somehow,” you think.

Then, a young lady approaches your visitor and starts speaking fluent German. The visitor listens attentively, then excuses themselves and walks away.

You think, “What a brazen executive assistant, she pulled my potential customer away from me. Anyway, now I need to think about how to better present my product or service to them.”

Within five minutes, you see the same German visitor with the same young ‘assistant’ at your competitor’s booth. The booth head speaks Turkish, but the ‘assistant’ is interpreting consecutively. She is not the German’s assistant! She’s a professional consecutive interpreter hired by your neighboring competitors for foreign visitors.

That’s the situation. You were unprepared and you lost.

You missed out on a potentially productive partnership, a profitable contract, or a business opportunity that could blossom in a foreign country or establish government connections. Such an opportunity might never come your way again.

By evening, the responsible manager of your competitor is taking the German participant on a Bosphorus tour in Istanbul and solidifying business relations over a dinner. The next morning, this company signs a million-dollar contract with the foreign company, guaranteeing demand for their products for years.

And you are not in this picture. But you saved on interpreter expenses, didn’t you?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a foreign businessperson

Imagine, for a moment, that you are at a trade fair in Russia. From whom would you order products? From a Russian firm that can’t afford an interpreter and whose offerings are unclear? Or from another Russian firm that explains the advantages of their products/services brilliantly in Turkish through a professional interpreter they hired for the fair?

The solution isn’t expensive

Therefore, it is crucial for all reputable companies to have a consecutive interpreter at their booth. Large companies often employ interpreters in-house, but if you don’t attend fairs every day, it’s not a good idea to hire an interpreter. Such an in-house interpreter won’t develop their skills in the field frequently enough to maintain professional fluency.

Outsourcing interpreting services is an excellent solution for the following reasons:

Small Businesses: Every fair is a significant opportunity, and the firm needs to prove its name. Medium-Sized Businesses: Appear reputable without spending too much on hiring a full-time interpreter. Large Businesses: Let’s sign a contract, and my team and I will be your reliable provider for interpreting services, ensuring smooth operations and optimizing your costs.

Contact us to work with our consecutive interpreters in Turkish, English, Russian, French, German and more.

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